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Dream Team Wednesdays

Posted in Life As a Fashionista by skapla7 on November 5, 2009

Over the last four months I have been interning at a top PR agency in NYC that represents the best of the best brands. I am surrounded by the most desired clothing, jewelry, and accessories in the industry. Brands that I would dream of wearing! But, I am only a very poor intern so it is far out of reach!

The day is filled with various tasks including compiling look-books, sending FedEx (most popularly to London and Milan),  keeping track of invoices, and checking in and returning merchandise.  But the most dreaded of them all,  the “runs” from photo shoots, to magazines, to showrooms, to designers, to stylists, to celebrities, and back (multiple times in one day). I have definitely kept in shape!

Although this may seem overwhelming I get to share these hectic days with the best crew! We call it ” Dream Team Wednesday’s” (well, because it is!). We are the best intern crew- dominating the copy room also known as our “office”. The majority, like myself, are recent college graduates or soon to be graduates struggling to find a full time job in the industry during a rough economic time.  We work so great together we could start our own business. Since we know the ins and outs so well it would for sure be amazing! (Just an idea guys!) Each time we are together we discuss our strategy for our nonexistent intern blog that has yet to hit the Web.  It would definitely be an entertaining read for all!

Today, all squished in our mini office we put together 4 boxes of clothing and shoes to be shipped to various locations spread from California to Milan in 10 minutes. (Record time, what TEAMWORK) The samples are treated like gold, because they are equivalent in value, are folded perfectly like gifts. Just in time for the FedEx delivery guy to show up for pickup.  A great dream team way to end a very hectic and stressful day, as always.

Below are some photos captured by a fellow intern for her school project on life as a NYC intern!


Our messy office, the copy machine room!


Packing Station Deep at work!

Packing all Over

Packing clothes on tables, chairs, and floors.

Packing on the Floor

I am going to start posting the entertaining things we do all day because they are truly out of a movie.


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